Which Cell Phone Carrier is The Best Option?

The wireless industry is a very competitive market.  There are several options out there but it basically comes down to selecting from the big four which are AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile.  Root Metrics conducted several tests and surveys last year and the results are now in.  It appears that Verizon has the most solid and reliable network out of all the cellular carriers.  This does come at a price though.  Verizon is the most expensive option out of the big four.  However, according to Root Metrics, Verizon led the way in almost every category such as reliability, speed, data, calls and texts.

T-Mobile strongly disagrees with the findings of the studies that were held by Root Metrics.  T-Mobile says the studies were held by paid consultants that were in Verizon’s pocket not an unbiased agency.  Upon doing a little more digging T-Mobile may actually have a point.  One thing that T-Mobile does really well is lead the industry in giving customers what they want.  So far they have done many things that the other three carriers have quickly implemented into their strategies  and plans as well.  For example, T-Mobile was the first carrier to cut out contracts.  They now have no contracts but simply allow the psychic medium charlotte customer to finance the phone they want.  If they decide to leave before the phone is completely paid off they will not receive an early termination fee, only the remaining balance of the cell phone will become due.

T-Mobile was also the first to include Mexico and Canada in their international plans.  You now can get three countries for the price of one plan, they are completely free and you can use your phone in Mexico and Canada exactly like you do in the United States without having to worry about expensive and overpriced roaming fees.  Finally, T-Mobile has simplified it plans.  The carrier currently only offers one plan.  It includes unlimited talk, text and data and the taxes are included in the price as well.  This is setting another precedent in the industry.

T-Mobile has increased their coverage dramatically over the past 4 years or so and they continue to grow and are becoming a very strong force in the market.  You need to test out and do your homework for yourself but our number one pick out of the big four goes to T-Mobile.  You can’t beat all of the benefits you get at a budget friendly price like they offer at T-Mobile.

Mysterious Hacker Helps The World By Taking Down Dark Net Sites

If you are not in the world of computer hacking you are probably not familiar with the Dark Net.  It is a group of thousands of sites that are usually used to carry out illegal activities online.  The Dark Net took a major hit today when its major server Freedom II got hacked.  It was hosting more than 10,000 of these sites, most of which contained child pornography.  This server was holding more than twenty percent of the Dark Web sites.

Personally, I am a fan of this type of hacking.  There is no need for these types of sites to be on the internet.  As a victim of my hosting getting hacked, I am very familiar with the process.  Taking down the Freedom II server was a fairly simple process for this hacker.  They simply find holes within the system, usually these are configuration issues.  WordPress is notorious for being hacked.  This is especially true when the plugins and themes are not updated and this is exactly how the hacker got in.  Once inside the psychic mediums orlando florida hosting he can simply rewrite the index file and he can direct the users to any site that he would like.

In this case, he redirected each user to a page he created that says “Hello Freedom Hosting II, You have been hacked.”  Not only did the hacker take the server down but he stole more than 74 gigs worth of files which he will probably end up submitting to local law enforcement.  Keep in mind, it is illegal to hack into a server, even if the files on that server contain illegal information.  However, I don’t foresee any action being taken by the police on the hacker if he does decide to turn the information over.

It goes to show you that not only is the clear web at risk by a hacker, the Dark Web is open to the same vulnerabilities.  Hopefully it will slow down the rate at which this type of content will be showing up on the net.

A Little More Info Has Leaked About The Samsung 8 Release

We’ve just learned of some new features that will be expected to be included in the release of the new Galaxy S8 that millions of people are on the edge of their seat to learn about.  We have learned that there is a new mode that will be equipped on the device called Beast Mode.  We don’t have any details as to what this mode actually does but we do know that it will be on all of Samsung’s new smart phones and tablets in the future.  This has come from a very credible source and is very reliable information.

Beast mode is supposed to support extremely high performance within a smartphone.  The new Samsung Galaxy S8 is expected to incorporate a brand new chipset from Qualcomm, the 835 chip which would in essence be the fastest smartphone to date.  Another feature that is expected to have on the device is an optical fingerprint scanner that is built straight into the screen and not on the home button as most smartphones have had in the past.  This would set another precedent within the industry.   Samsung has done a very good job of leading the pack in advancing smartphone technology and the Samsung S8 is sure not to disappoint.

The phone will also lead the way in Bluetooth technology.  It will have the latest Bluetooth 5.0 and you will be able to pair all of your headphones, speakers, car phone or any other Bluetooth unit and get crystal clear connectivity.  One thing Samsung definitely can not afford is another bad result with their phone line.  The Galaxy Note 7 sold millions of devices in a very short period of time.  However, according to http://waterdamagegreenwoodin.com, its defective battery led to all of those devices being returned through a massive recall that cost the company billions of dollars.  Yes that is billions with a capital B.

Samsung is certain to take its time in releasing its next phone and I am sure the company will be very successful in its next launch.  There are millions of people chomping at the bit to get their hands on the next flagship from Samsung.  A final thing on the agenda that we recently learned is Samsung is focusing on improving its location tracking of its devices.  They realize the importance of accurate maps and location and will continue to improve this feature in the Samsung S8 model.

The Tech Industry Could Benefit With Donald Trump as President

The presidential election this past November was a big surprise to most of us.  Whether or not you are a Trump supporter really doesn’t matter at this point since the country has spoken.  However, the tech industry might be able to benefit with the results of the new election.  Donald Trump has been surrounding himself with very prominent business people to help him run things, which I think is a great idea.

The latest advisor that he added to his team is Safra Catz, the current chief executive officer of Oracle.  It’s really no surprise that Safra was one of the people that he chose to work with.  Before meeting with Donald, his family and his advisors at the Trump Tower she was not shy of letting us know that she was a big supporter of the new president and is ready to work alongside him to change things within the industry.

A few of the things that Safra and Donald Trump plan on taking on together include changing the tax code and reducing a lot of the government regulation and black tape that is within the industry.  Donald Trump has built a huge empire on his ability to negotiate big deals in his favor.  The plan is to bring these skills to work for the United States in restructuring deals that immediately impact the tech sector.  Trump still has a few members to add to his team before he makes his inauguration in January.  I’m not quite sure who the next one will be.  We may need to break out our crystal ball or get a psychic readings cassadaga to help clue us in.  While working with Trump on his transition to the oval office Safra Catz will still maintain her position of CEO at Oracle.

Although Safra has let us know that she supports Mr. Trump, this wasn’t always the case.  In fact during the presidential campaign she kept mostly quiet about whom she supported and the best psychic mediums in salem ma. There doesn’t appear to be any evidence that she donated to his campaign or the republican party.  Only time will tell if Trump will live up to the hype that has been built around him.  It will take some time to get things done but honestly, overall I think he will do a good job as our president for the next four years.

Samsung S8 – The Rumors Have Started; What To Expect

After Samsung’s big let down with the very popular Note 7, millions of people around the globe are looking forward to the next big thing that they plan on putting to market which will be the Samsung 8.  It’s still way too far out to know the exact specs and design the phone will have but we like to entertain the rumors we have heard.  And our readers like to hear about it as well.  Every time we write about it, we get a lot of traffic to our site.  So here we go…

The latest iPhone which is the 7, has gathered more than a few critics over the fact that the company decided to remove the headphone jack from the device.  They opted instead to include an adapter in the box so you can use your wired headphones.  One of the negative aspects of this is the customer is not able to listen to music and charge their phone at the same time.  Well, for some reason, Samsung has not learned this lesson.  Rumor has it that they plan on using this same strategy on the new Samsung 8.

Apple has profited heavily by removing the headphone jack.  They have in a sense begun to push people to use Bluetooth headphones instead of the wired.  Their sales of wireless Beats headphones have been on the rise since the release of the iPhone 7.  This was not done by mistake, they are smart and are in it for a profit.  The unfortunate part for us is that wireless headphones do not give us the best sound quality.  Wired headphones still outperform Bluetooth by a long shot.  The part that bothers me about this is that the wired headphones were working just fine.  Nobody asked to have the port removed.  It’s about time that Apple starts listening to their customers and providing what they want instead of forcing them into their company plan.

Samsung is usually very good about listening to customer feedback and implanting it on their next model.  Which is why the rumors about no headphone jack are a bit surprising to me.  As far as release date for the Samsung 8?  We don’t have one yet.  Honestly, I think it is coming sooner than later.  Samsung will be releasing a new update to the software of the Note 7 that will cause the phone to no longer take a charge.  This will force anyone who is currently still using the phone to return it to their wireless carrier for a refund or to swap it for another device.  Samsung is not going to want to leave their tech happy customers without a new device for very long.

For the latest news on Samsung 8 and other models stay tuned to our website.  We have many insiders in the industry and always stay on top of any new breakthroughs.  hollywoodcarpetpros.com

Finding The Perfect Gift For The Techie In The Family

It’s that time of year again.  The crowds are filling the malls.  It’s getting harder and harder to find a parking space and you are getting a little stressed out on trying to find the perfect gift.  The good news is that there is no shortage of great technology gifts out on the market this year.  One of my favorites that is out right now is the new S3 Gear watch from Samsung.  The company may have had a bad run with the Samsung S7 but it hit it out of the park with the new design of the S3 gear.

The watch has been completely redesigned and now has the largest screen on any smart watch.  The screen size is large but it still looks normal on your wrist which is very important.  The reason I prefer the S3 over the other watches like the Apple Watch is because I don’t have to have my phone nearby all the time in order to use it.  The S3 comes with its own sim card and telephone number.  You can receive all your calls and texts straight to your watch.  Want to leave your phone at home and go for a run?  Perfect.  The Samsung Gear application will automatically forward your calls, texts and other updates to your watch.  You won’t miss a thing.

You can scroll through your contacts and message them by using your voice (which is the easiest way) or if you prefer you can use the onboard keyboard to type out the message manually.  The S3 also comes with 2 gig of internal memory to store your music.  Simply connect your Bluetooth headphones and you can listen to your favorite band play while out for a run directly from your smart watch.  Not too shabby.  This is sure to please even the pickiest tech guru in your family.  The watch does require service to make it run.  At T-Mobile you can add a line for the smart watch and get service for only $5 per month.  That is pretty darn cheap.

Need another idea for the perfect gift.  Beats by Dre has released the third version of their Powerbeats and they are pretty impressive.  They are perfect for working out, playing sports, or doing any other type of activity.  They are designed to wrap around your ear to provide the perfect fit and comfort while exercising.  They can even be used for work to wirelessly talk on the phone and keep your hands free like the employees at Wellington Roofing Pros do.  They need their hands free while installing roofs and doing repairs and these work out well for them.  The earbuds provide more than 12 hours of talk and music time before they need to be recharged which is more than enough for the employees to get through the entire work day.  They are lightweight and do not have any cords to get tangled up in.  The powerbeats 3 can be found in stores for $199.  However, you can probably find the previous model, version 2 at a very reasonable rate.  Perhaps even below a hundred dollars.  There is not much difference between the two models so if you can find that perfect gift at the right price then go for it.  Hopefully, these two ideas will help you make the best of your Christmas holidays.

Is The MacBook Pro Worth The Extra Money?


Apple prides itself in leading the industry in design and usability.  The MacBook Pro is their top of the line laptop and you can tell a lot of thought and creativity have gone into its design and functionality.  The power and ease at which the MacBook Pro works is convenient for both the casual user and the business professional.  What makes the Macbook Pro so great?  Well we are glad you asked.

The MacBook Pro comes with all the top materials such as a solid state hard drive, aluminum casing, a lightning fast processor and is thinner and lighter than most of its competition.  Depending on what you prefer, you have the choice of two screens.  The first is the compact 13 inch screen which is lightweight and can easily fit into any backpack if you are using it for school or travel.  The total weight of the 13 inch unit comes in at a measly three pounds.  Is the 13 inch screen size too small for you?  No problem, then just bump up to the 15 inch and you will be good.  Of course the added screen size comes with a little more weight to it.  There is no getting around that one.  However, the 15 inch laptop only weighs 1 pound more than its smaller brother.

Apple’s retina display is patented and is readily available in the MacBook Pro.  You will see very vivid colors that just pop off the screen.  This is very useful when working on photo editing and other graphic design elements.  The programs in a graphic design software such as Adobe will take up a lot of memory and this will sometimes slow down the computer.  That is where the new i7 chipset comes into play.  It will allow you to open and work on that memory intensive software without it freezing up and shutting down.  If you are a business owner and are looking for a reliable computer that you don’t have to repair and replace every few years then the MacBook Pro is the right choice.  Our friends at Gainesville Carpet Pros have replaced all of their windows based personal computers with the new MacBook Pro models.  They use them each time they go out on a job which displays a professional image to their clients.

Other users that prefer the MacBook Pro are music artists.  They like the software that comes with the laptop to edit music and create their own songs.  The new MacBooks come with enhanced audio speakers and software that boost up the overall sound level by more than fifty percent.  Getting the speakers loud is only the first part, you have to have a clear and solid sound that captures the highs of the treble and the lows of the bass.  It may be a bit pricey and not everyone can afford it but if you are in the market for a computer, we highly recommend picking up the latest MacBook Pro.  You will not be disappointed with your choice.